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We at waffle world, aim to spread the magic of our exotic unique recipes, incredible taste, and unmatched quality
to even small towns too. We invite entrepreneurs across the nation to partner with us for the most lucrative
of recent times with high potential and emerging market.






Five Trending


Regarded as the world's most
popular aroma and flavor,
Vanilla is a flavouring derived
from orchids of the genus
Vanilla, primarily from the
Mexican species.


Anything is good if it's made
of chocolate.
- Jo Brand

Red Velvet

This trending red coloured
flavour with slight cocoa
flavour with tang from
buttermilk is great in look
and mind blowing taste.

Green Matcha

Please welcome this newbie
to the world of great foodies.
A sensation in Japan has
theanine which has calming
and relaxing properties.


Charcoal, in all its dark and
mysterious forms is the new,
well, black.

Key Features

- Low Production Cost -

We want to reach to the mass and to the farest person who loves quality and taste. We have
especially designed our menu to serve to foodies from all walks of the life.Our products are light to
client’s pocket and health too. With due assurance to quality and hygiene,our production cost
starts only from INR 15/-, Yes, you read it right !! This ensures high profitability for our franchises
and successful business module in a long run. We have many more reasons to associate with us.

- 100% Pure Veg -

We are 100% pure veg., highly
hygienic and users of best
quality ingredients. At waffle
world, we place quality at the
supreme spot.

- Shakes and Beverages -

We are very much experimental
and invest lots of on R&D.
Besides waffle enjoying the
leading role in our offerings. We
will have a list of shakes and
beverages like coffee, iced tea
too. We shall also accommodate
ice cream too in our menu. Let
us know how well it goes??

- Presentation -

Obviously we have hired food stylists to ensure
the most amazing looking waffles in the plates
and in graphics. After all, the look matters a lot
and we know it.

- Training and Support -

We value learning and development as our key to success. We have got world-class trainers with
proven training modules and so friendly and lighter way of learning. It will be more fun. To ensure
you perform well with ease and confidence with persistence, we keep it ongoing whenever
Together we can achieve more!!! We believe in teamwork. We will support you at each step where
you need us. We can help you find the perfect location, handy software, smart supply chain
management, and best kitchen setup. Don't worry we are there. We have our in house
marketing team and we collaborated with leading marketing firms to ensure "Waffle World
emerge as a super brand at a global stage.

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