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Japan is the land where you can seek authentic Matcha. A sourced green tea that offers multiple health benefits through antioxidants. Plant-based ingredients enhance the overall taste of a new culinary item; green Matcha is one such key ingredient. It gives a nice texture to the Waffle and an attractive color. The preparation is the key as it is a very fine and delicate powder that needs to be mixed with waffle batter in the right quantity. Who would have thought a waffle with green matcha flavor could be the most loved delight by a waffle brand? If you are unaware, let’s focus on this delicious option that instantly lifts your mood. 


What is green Matcha?


Green Matcha is a power-packed green tea that meets the needs of nutrients and high levels of caffeine and is bundled with antioxidants. There are many benefits of consuming green Matcha at a consistent pace, such as it helps protect the liver, regulates weight loss and is considered good for the heart’s health. Plus, it can be consumed regularly. It is one of the Japanese’s most loved drinks as it helps calm the body and mind. 


How is green Matcha used as flavoring in green matcha waffles?


The green Matcha is sourced from the farmlands of Kyoto, Japan. It is a top-quality powder that can be used in the preparation of green tea or as a flavoring in various dishes, including waffles. It is a unique combination that is considered spot-on. Waffle World uses it as an ingredient in the waffle base mixture and is served with various combinations of fruits. The pictures of the dishes are so tempting one can’t resist trying them out. It would help if you weren’t waiting; get your piece of green matcha flavor and enjoy the delicious Waffle. 


What are the dishes available with green matcha flavor with Waffle World?


Waffle World offers Green matcha waffles as base waffles with other combinations of fruits, cream, and other toppings. The fruit interaction Hong Kong Waffle includes a green matcha base, whipped cream, strawberry, pineapple, honey and kiwi. It is a very tempting delight. Another option made available by Waffle World is fruit orchard- Belgian Waffle has whipped cream, banana, pineapple, strawberry and honey. 


So, what is keeping you waiting? Grab all the flavors and enjoy the authentic taste of waffles with a new twist. Green Matcha will be your favorite flavor from now onwards. Happy eating. 

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