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Actress Sweta Sen at Waffle World enjoying savoury waffles

Are waffles your favorite dessert? Now, it will be your ultimate snack option too. When you hear the word “Waffle,” your sweet tooth might resist and crave it. But, as sugar is not a food option for many, you might have needed to include the waffle world. A place to find savory waffles made with extra love and uniqueness. An enticing snack that can easily make you crave it regularly. Plus, it can be your go-to snack when looking for a treat that dismisses your hunger within a few minutes.

But why Savoury Waffles?

Well, you have to try it out to answer why. The first bite will surprise you as the crunch is awesome. Moreover, the different available flavors are astonishing. One look at the two most amazing Savory Waffles by Waffle World are:

1. Cheese chili savoury waffle

A peculiar snack to blow your taste buds with soul-filling cheese and delicious flavors. Savoury waffles are an instant mood lifter, and one bite can give you the right taste to enjoy your snack time. We should warn you that you can quickly finish it within a few minutes and crave one. However, we will encourage you to few more by discovering other unique flavors on our menu.

The perfect combination of cheese, waffle base, and chilies gives you a good food option. It is a fantastic food option that must be eaten hot to enjoy the melting cheese. The snack is as delicious as the picture seems, and we assure you would have never tried this snack anywhere. We feel proud to be the first one to introduce it in India.

2. Achari aloo savoury waffle

Achari Aloo Waffle by Waffle World

Homemade achar is something every child misses after growing up; it connects us with our roots, and we often fail to find that flavor. Are you a fan of achar and have been missing it as a flavor in your food? Here is your chance to grab the finger-licking snack, a savory waffle with a taste to make you feel at home. Plus, you do not have to worry about what to combine with your achar to make it an ideal snack. Here is a snack ready to make you feel comfortable and cozy, just like your home.

A team of Culinary Experts at Waffle World invented the latest snack option for people who love to try new flavours. It wasn’t an overnight discovery but a planned move to make waffles a treat with a contemporary twist. The two primary options in this segment are our client’s favourite. We feel happy to share their happiness by surprising them with fantastic presentation skills. Why don’t you give it a try?

Every food blogger should try our invention, and we are a brand that is working hard to offer uniqueness through innovative combinations with the base as a waffle. A world is full of limitless recipes, freshly prepared snacks, and a presentation that can compel you to snack even when you are on a diet. We are Waffle World, a brand offering never tried waffle snacks to everyone in Silicon Valley. We are proud to share that we have 14 outlets in major malls in Bengaluru. And we are now preparing to have a new grand opening soon. Keep in touch through our social media accounts to know all the details.

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